NMRV and NMRV-Power reducers

We offer worm gear reducers by a leading and highly experienced manufacturer of reducers.

We offer a wide range of standard worm gear reducers:

  • size: NMRV 025-030-040-050-130-150;
  • size: NMRV-Power063-075-090-110;
  • power: up to 18.5 kW;
  • ratio from 5 to 100;
  • torque: max 1550 Nm;
  • housing: up to size 110 – aluminium, from size 130 – cast iron;
  • available combination options: NMRV + NMRV, NMRV-Power+ NMRV, NRV + NMRV, NRV-Power + NMRV, HA31 + NMRV, HW/NMRV-Power, IHW/NMRV-Power.


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