Flender couplings

We sell Flender couplings from the leading manufacturer in the field of industrial gears.

It is possible to order couplings with mounting holes of the required size and wedges in the hubs. There are also non-standard specification couplings needed to perform your tasks.

If necessary, we can mount couplings on motors or gears.

  • Flexible couplings – N-Eupex, Rupex, N-Bipex, Bipex and Sipex.
  • Rigid couplings – Zapex, Arpex and N-Arpex.
  • Hydrodynamic couplings – Fludex.
  • High flexibility couplings – Elpex.


⌂ We have the most popular Flender coupling models Bipex and Arpex in stock. You can also find N-Eupex flexible elements (sizes 76 to 315) and other spare parts for Bipex and Arpex couplings with us.

See the following catalogues for more useful information:


Contact us by phone +370 685 680 97  or e-mail us at valerij.soloducha@pakmarkas.lt now and we will advise you and help you choose the most suitable option.