Flow-pack packaging

Products are packaged by forming one longitudinal and two transverse welds.

To do this, we use horizontal and vertical packaging equipment. Packages are used in food, household chemical products, cosmetics, medicine and many other industries.

We maintain close cooperation to find out your demands (what package characteristics are required) and select corresponding packaging materials, which can vary as much as packaged products:

  • PP, PA, PET, PE films and their various combinations,
  • BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene) films,
  • barrier AlOx, SiOx or water-based acrylic coats,
  • biodegradable PLA films, etc.

Films may be processed using different methods:

  • laser perforation,
  • microperforation,
  • anti-fog ,
  • corona treatment,
  • also intended for work with high-speed machines.

Contact us by phone +370 650 863 90 or e-mail us at miroslav.brazulevic@pakmarkas.lt and we will assist you in choosing the optimum packaging solution.