Rub-resistant ink ribbons for packaging printing

Rub-resistant ribbons are essential in industrial printing environments where labels or packaging are often subject to mechanical impact. RESIN-type ink ribbon, especially Fuji Dragon™, is the ideal choice to prevent this impact.

Types of paint tapes:

  • Fuji Dragon™

Ordering rub-resistant ink ribbons

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RESIN-type ink ribbon Fuji Dragon™

  • Color: black. It is a versatile and professional color suitable for most packaging printing needs.
  • Blackness intensity: medium black level for clear and sharp printing.
  • Head fit: designed for angled heads, ensuring an optimal combination of print quality and efficiency.
  • Printing temperature: higher or high printing temperature to ensure stable toner transfer and high print quality.
  • Print speed: suitable for high print speed operations, ideal for fast printing line.
  • Rub resistance: one of the main advantages of Fuji Dragon™ ink ribbons is their rub resistance, which is very important for packaging printing, as labels and packaging are often exposed to rubbing.


Areas of use

  • Packaging printing: these ink ribbons are ideal for printing various types of packaging including plastic, paper and metal.
  • Industrial environments: suitable for use in industrial printing lines where fast and efficient printing is required.



  • Long-lasting print: high resistance to rubbing means that the print will remain clean and clear for a long time.
  • High print quality: Fuji Dragon™ ink ribbons ensure high print quality, an important aspect when printing on packaging.
  • Suitability for fast printing line: these ink ribbons are perfect for fast production lines.


When selecting resin ink ribbons, especially Fuji Dragon™, it is important to consider your printing requirements and goals, as well as the packaging materials and environment in which the labels will be used. Properly selected ink ribbons not only improve the quality of printing, but also ensure a longer retention of prints.

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