Transportation belts

If you operate in the drink or logistics industry with large-volume products or packaging, we recommend using modular belts whose width may be up to 1,500 mm. Movex introduces belts made of special LFA mixture (low-friction acetal|), which have a very low friction factor, are perfect for high-productivity applications, and save your energy resources.

An indispensable helper for the drink industry, made of the PFX material. With it, no lubrication of the line is needed whatsoever, as the conveyors run under dry-operation conditions. The PFX material also protects against dust under extreme working conditions and constantly maintain low friction under high-power operation, thus ensuring longer life. Moreover, the fluorescent colour of PFX products is clearly visible, ensuring safe working conditions.

  • Modular transportation belts
  • PFX modular belts made of new material (no lubrication)
  • Next-gen 553 FLEXTOP modular belts
  • Next-gen 551 PRO LBP modular accumulation belts
  • Next-gen 550 FlightTop modular belts


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