Pizzato security chain modules and ropes

We are the official representatives of the world-famous Italian manufacturer “Pizzato Elettrica””. The products of this manufacturer, founded in 1984, are marked with the “100% Made in Italy” certification, high IP protection class (up to 69K) and can work at extremely low temperatures (up to -40°C). One of the main segments of Pizzato Elettrica’s products is security chain components.

Pizzato security modules comply with safety classes SIL1 to SIL3. Control voltages from 10-30 V DC / 24-230 V AC. Almost all modules have versions with electronic OSSD contacts (for monitoring optical sensors, safety curtains, etc.), as well as versions with magnetic sensor contacts.

  • Multifunctional smart security modules are easily programmed by a computer, GEMNIS system, via a USB connection. These modules can work with RFID technology components (locks, hinges), security ropes, etc. Used in the formation of complex safety systems, it is possible to create up to 25 logic functions, has monitoring functions (for monitoring the status of the existing security chain).


The CS MP series of security modules is used where in the most complex circuits. These modules come unlocked, leaving all programming freedom to meet the specific needs of the circuit. Meanwhile, the CS MF series of modules is factory-programmed, used in slightly more standard security chains, and simplified integration.

  • Single function security modules:
    The CS AR series is installed in security chains to control emergency stops and monitor the final positions of moving enclosures.
    The CS AT series is designed to control emergency stops and monitor the final positions of moving enclosures with delayed input signals (0.3 to 300 seconds).
    CS FS – security chain timers for various needs.
    The CS DM series security modules are designed to work in equipment that requires a “two-handed” input method.
    CS AM modules are designed to ensure non-operation of motors (both single-phase and three-phase), limit the restart. No sensors are required to monitor the motor status, the module draws the motor status conclusions by analyzing the voltages.
    CS ME – security chain output contact extension modules. Up to four additional contacts (instantaneous or delayed).


Pizzato security rope sensors are designed to detect the tightening or breaking of security ropes for general equipment stops / starts and namely for emergency equipment stops.

Pizzato has a lot of experience in the production of security ropes, so the latest series FAST is extremely fast and aesthetically installable, the installation does not require stretching the rope, so over time the security rope sensors do not need to be recalibrated. If the work takes place around the clock and the temperature is not kept stable, Pizzato offers specific compensating springs to deal with rope extensions in cold weather.

Pizzato offers a full range of rope mounting accessories so you can easily find a way to fix it: movement under conveyors, dangerous/incorrect condition of a sliding ladder, personnel attempting to leave a restricted area (e.g. lifts without fences or walls), trying to put your hand in moving dangerous gear or restrict any other dangerous perimeter of the room.

Pizzato security rope sensors can be ordered with various options: manual reset, LED red or yellow light signals, tilted heads, different rope tension power parameters (initiation from 13 N, final to 75 N).

All products of Pizzato security ropes and their sensors comply with the requirements of EN ISO 13850.

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