Industrial pick and place robots

Universal R-series robots are the benchmark of small and medium sized robots in the industry. Compact design, speed and a wide area of operation enable the use of these robots in various industries.

The Y-series pick and place robots are used for product assembly, collection or placement in boxes in different sectors. This series is designed for fast-paced work with a wide range of motions.

Very high speed

Light R-series robot arms along with high-capacity motors ensure industry-leading acceleration and speed. The pace of acceleration automatically adjusts to the load and robot position to ensure optimal productivity and cycle completion in the shortest time possible.

The cycle times of Y-series delta robots are as short as 0.27 s, making it possible to achieve maximum productivity.

Wide range of motion
The wide range of motion of the R-series robots means more work space and flexibility. The work area of the Y-series robots is ideal for high-speed solutions, where a wide range of motion is necessary.

Protection from external effects
The axes and power connections of the R-series robots are water resistant. The back axis meets IP67, while the other axes meet the IP65 classification. Full robot-arm protection according to the IP67 standard is also possible.

The arm of the YF03N robot can be washed with both acidic and alkaline cleaners, which makes it perfect for working with food products which require a clean environment. Also, the YF002N and YF003N model robots use only food-grade lubricants in accordance with industry standards.

High torque
High-capacity motors along with the rigid structure of the R-series robot arms ensure high torque and allow for high loads.

Saving space
The sleek design of the R-series arms does not require much space in the manufacturing facility. Therefore, several robots can be installed at a single site without any productivity losses.


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