Equipment for packing in modified atmosphere

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is the best way to preserve the freshness of a product longer without sacrificing the attractiveness of the traditional package.

When packing in compliance with this system, the atmosphere around the product in the package is replaced. This enables to control chemical, ferment-type or microbiological reactions and reduce or completely stop the main product decomposition processes.

  • Machines for hot deep forming and sealing are used to pack products in the conventional or modified and controlled atmosphere. This is one of the best solutions to keep products fresh without increasing the amount of preservatives in their content. This technology can be used to pack various products: meat, sausage, confectionery products, semi-manufactured products, cheese, etc.
  • Machines for vacuum packing are used for packing food products (meat, fish, cheese, etc.) into vacuum bags and heat shrink vacuum bags.  Such packing allows visually inspecting the product and extends its expiration date preserving the best product properties.
  • Sealing equipment is used for packaging food products which are already placed in prepared containers by sealing them hermetically with film. Packaging can be performed in the conventional or modified and controlled atmosphere, or in vacuum.


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