OLI vibratory equipment

We can offer vibratory equipment for concrete compaction, made by the Italian producer OLI:

  • High-frequency deep immersion vibrators (VH series).
    12,000 vibration cycles per minute.
    Operating range – 45-100 cm.
  • Voltage and frequency converters (CM series) capable of reliably servicing from 1 to 4 deep immersion vibrators and supplying 11-85 A current.
    Available models:
    230 V, 50 Hz configuration, single-phase (three models);
    400 V, 50 Hz configuration, three-phase (four models).
  • Deep vibrators with integrated frequency converters (EWO series) that can be connected to a domestic single-phase 230 V voltage source. 12,000 vibration cycles per minute, operating range 45 to 110 cm.


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OLI concrete compaction equipment

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