Easily recyclable PO shrink sleeves

We use recyclable Polyolefin material to print shrink sleeve labels. Its density is very low – it is lighter than a PET bottle – therefore, during recycling the label will easily separate from the bottle and the materials can be directed to different recycling streams. Polyolefin material is also an excellent solution for PP and HDPE plastic bottles that are used to fill a variety of liquids, as it can be directed into the recycling stream along with the container.

PO is an easily recyclable material that helps reduce waste and save resources.

Advantages of PO shrink sleeve labels:

  • Shrinkage up to 65%, prevention of film crease.
  • Density <1 g/cm³.
  • The density of the material is lower than that of other alternatives, so fewer kilograms of raw material are used to print labels.
  • Excellent gloss and transparency.
  • Perfect for PET bottles, PP and HDPE plastic containers.
  • Reduced amount of waste sent to landfills and incinerated.
  • Contribution to circular economy goals.

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