Ink ribbons for printing on textile

We can offer ink ribbons that are designed for printing on textile. RESIN ink ribbons are suitable for flat print heads. These ribbons can be used in higher printing temperature, at low and medium printing speed.

Types of ink ribbons

  • Black: Textile™;
  • Other colors: Textile Color™

Ordering ink ribbons for printing on textile

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Black colored ink ribbons Textile™

  • Blackness intensity: higher for bright and clear printing.
  • Head adaptation: fits both flat and angled head, providing flexibility for different types of printers.
  • Printing temperature: higher or high, ensuring quality printing on textiles.
  • Print speed: adjusted for low to medium print speed.

Ink ribbons in other colors – Textile Color™

  • Colors: red, blue, green – color variety allows you to print multi-colored labels.
  • Blackness intensity: color intensity and longevity are ensured.
  • Adaptation to heads: suitable for both flat and angled heads.
  • Printing temperature: requires higher temperatures.
  • Print speed: suitable for low to medium speed, ideal for textile label printing.
  • Area of use: ideal for printing clothing and other textile labels.
  • High quality: these ink ribbons ensure high print quality and resistance to washing and wear.


  • Long-lasting print: high resistance to rubbing and washing ensures that the print will last for a long time.
  • Suitability for different types of textiles.
  • Color selection: the ability to choose from a variety of colors allows you to customize labels that meet specific design requirements.

It is important to consider your specific needs and printing environment when choosing ink ribbons for textile ribbon printing.

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