Micro series vibratory motors

We sell Italvibras micro series industrial-level vibratory motors, which are designed for tasks which do not require high centrifugal force and where there is insufficient space to install a standard-sized vibratory motor.

The micro series vibratory motors are most often used for: compaction, forced air flow systems, screening, transportation, separation of small parts, and similar processes in the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Safety standards: Ex tc IIIC T100° C Dc / IP65;
  • Electrical power source: three-phase (24-480 V) or single-phase (200-240 V / 100-130 V);
  • Centrifugal force: 4 kg to 65 kg;
  • Operating temperature -20° C to +40° C.


For more useful information see:

„Italvibras“ micro series product catalogue


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