Top lidding packages

This type of packaging is produced by sealing the top film on the container.  Packages may be tightly sealed, easily removed or re-sealable.

Different materials are used for different purposes, e.g. PP, PE, PA, PET, cardboard, aluminium, etc. Films can be transparent, white, metallised, withstanding pasteurisation or sterilisation.

If a package needs a high barrier, we choose packaging which will protect your product from harmful bacteria and oxygen, so your product will remain fresh for a longer time.

If the package must be “breathable” and requires the controlled removal of CO2 from and delivery of O2 into the package, we offer specialised films ensuring the suitable gas circulation. Your fresh products will retain impeccable appearance and flavour for a lengthier period.

In addition, we offer a wide range of bottom thermoforming barrier films. These are rigid or flexible blank barrier films. Using high temperature, films are formed into a container which is later sealed with printed top film.


  • Top lidding packaging with a top film cover is suitable for soft and hard cheeses, yoghurt, cream and other dairy products. The sealed barrier of the film preserves the taste, aroma and texture of the product.
    Laminated film (cover) can be made of various materials: PE, PP, PS, PET, AL, etc. The options of disposable peelable or reusable films are available. Transparent, white, metallised, pasteurisation and sterilisation resistant materials are used for different purposes, while the evenly coloured bright packaging colours ensure a flawless appearance on the shelf.
  • We also have a wide selection of thermoformed bottom barrier films (thermal films). These are hard or flexible barrier films without printing. At high temperatures, the films are formed into a container, which is then sealed with a printed top film.


  • It is an unparalleled solution for packaging a fresh product. Top lidding packaging for salads, tomatoes, berries and other vegetables and fruits.
  • Together with you, we contribute to meeting the growing need for healthy foods with fewer preservatives. Our thin protective films ensure that salads, cabbage, spices and other vegetables and fruits retain their bright colour, fresh taste and shape.
  • The packaging of certain vegetables must be extremely airtight, but most of them require an adequate amount of oxygen – in such cases we select special films that best suit the storage conditions of your product.
  • Transparent and printed films of different thicknesses or several layers are available.


  • Top lidding thermoformed containers are also commonly used in the fresh produce industry. The transparent film allows the end consumer to easily identify the product, and the product does not lose its shape and properties for a long time when presented in such packaging.
  • We recommend peelable packaging for a wide variety of fresh foods, such as meat, fish, minced meat, offal, etc.


  • This packaging has become popular due to convenient product rationing. Products such as ready-to-eat sandwiches, salads, semi-finished products, pieces of smoked meat or fish, etc., can also be packed in top lidding packaging.
  • If required, we can also offer heat-resistant top lidding packaging. This way, meat and fish products can be packaged in a material that is suitable for baking in the oven or for heating in a microwave oven.


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