Top lidding packages

This type of packaging is produced by sealing the top film on the container.  Packages may be tightly sealed, easily removed or re-sealable.

Different materials are used for different purposes, e.g. PP, PE, PA, PET, cardboard, aluminium, etc. Films can be transparent, white, metallised, withstanding pasteurisation or sterilisation.

If a package needs a high barrier, we choose packaging which will protect your product from harmful bacteria and oxygen, so your product will remain fresh for a longer time.

If the package must be “breathable” and requires the controlled removal of CO2 from and delivery of O2 into the package, we offer specialised films ensuring the suitable gas circulation. Your fresh products will retain impeccable appearance and flavour for a lengthier period.

In addition, we offer a wide range of bottom thermoforming barrier films. These are rigid or flexible blank barrier films. Using high temperature, films are formed into a container which is later sealed with printed top film.

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