Paper recyclable packaging

This easily recyclable packaging is a real breakthrough in the sustainable packaging market. It is intended for food and non-food products that come into direct and indirect contact with food.

This type of packaging is suitable for most dry products that do not require a high oxygen or water vapor barrier. It can hold tea, sugar, pasta, nuts, cookies, sweets or chocolate. Paper packaging is also used in the non-food industry – dishwasher tablets, fittings, cleaning agents, screws and similar goods can be packed in it.

Advantages of paper Flow-pack packaging:

  • the packaging is 100% recyclable;
  • the surface printing does not rub off, so there is no need for lamination;
  • the package is formed by fusing the paper in a hot way;
  • good protective properties: the package partially protects products from grease, odors, light;
  • tightly sealed: suitable for food and non-food products, primary and secondary packaging.


The surface of paper partially absorbs the ink, so the print result is more matte than on a glossy film – this should be taken into account when planning the design concept. A more “natural” design that reflects the nature of paper will work best.

It is important to remember that the produced paper must meet the established recyclability standards. The list of standards valid in Lithuania can be found on the website of the Ministry of the Environment of the Republic of Lithuania.

The products are manufactured according to BRC, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

Ordering paper labels

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