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Our objective is to provide clients with sustainable packaging solutions to assure an environmentally-friendly process. We are currently increasing the selection of raw materials intended for sustainable packaging and offer, for instance, partially or completely recyclable packaging, water-soluble labels, and biodegradable packaging. Every time we receive an order, we evaluate and analyse it and then select materials that have the minimum harmful effect on the environment, and we assure professionalism. To ensure that our materials come from responsible sources, we work according to sustainability standards such as FSCTM and the food safety standard BRCGS.



Sustainable flexible packaging is among the most popular sustainable solutions that we will help you to implement while relying on PakMarkas technological knowledge and expertise. We print on thin, recyclable, biodegradable flexible packaging. This type of packaging has all quality properties typical of traditional packaging and have the same functionality that is demonstrated by traditional packaging, yet it is considerably more sustainable.


Biodegradable labels are adhesive labels manufactured from environmentally-friendly materials. These labels are used on containers for liquids and cosmetic products, on plastic bottles, in medicine, logistics and many other industries. The paper and glue used to manufacture these labels are 100% biodegradable. PakMarkas specialists are very attentive to client needs, objectives and opportunities. After we have decided on our environmental and other priorities, we select the optimal environmentally-friendly labelling solution.

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