DPG labels

We are one of the limited number of companies in the European Union to obtain the right to print labels with the DPG deposit mark for the German beverage market.

In order to ensure the security of DPG mark, we are obligated to use special technologies and adhere to strict requirements. As a DPG certified company, Pakmarkas has the right to buy DPG paints from DPG paint manufacturers and use the device for testing the deposit mark printing quality.

What is the DPG mark?

To comply with the beverage container return system’s requirements set by the beverage producers’ industry and on the initiative of Germany’s trade association and beverage industry, the DPG (Deutsche Pfandsystem GmbH) was established in 2005 to implement a return system for containers. For this purpose, a uniform package labelling standard was developed enabling to automatically read single-use beverage packaging, collect them into the system, and facilitate the compulsory deposit collection.

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