Label decoration possibilities

2021-03-05 Customers are placing ever-increasing demands on printing houses and incorporating various decor elements into label designs to make them stand out and add value to their products. A 4-colour printer once used to be sufficient, today, 8-9 and sometimes more colours are required. Popular today It is a known fact...


A robot is looking for work

2021-02-17 Robots are often described as devices whose outline strongly resemble a human being, moving in calculated and coordinated steps. For some reason, most people are sure that a robot is just a piece of metal, but if they actually meet one, they would probably want to take a closer look...


Lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic

2020-10-23 During a discussion that took place at the Lean Forum 2020, Deividas Akelis, our own Lean manager, talked to representatives of Baltik Vairas and Ernst & Young about the lessons we have learned during the COVID-19 period and the challenges we have faced. We would like to share the highlights...


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