Thinning of plastic is one of the most effective trends in packaging sustainability

2021-04-26 Both EU green policy and consumer expectations are sure to steer business towards sustainability. Is it possible to reduce the amount of plastic used without sacrificing highly functional plastic packaging, which is practically irreplaceable in the food or beverage industry? Packaging experts say the solutions are there and they are...


Plėvelių ploninimas
Termochrominės etiketės

Labels that change colour right before your eyes

2021-04-21 HOW TO CREATE COLOUR-CHANGING LABELS? For this purpose, we use thermochromic paint during the printing process. This paint can give your label a completely new image. Use it to include colour-changing elements in your packaging in order to create an interactive product label. HOW DOES THIS TECHNOLOGY WORK? Thermochromic paints...


Label decoration possibilities

2021-03-05 Customers are placing ever-increasing demands on printing houses and incorporating various decor elements into label designs to make them stand out and add value to their products. A 4-colour printer once used to be sufficient, today, 8-9 and sometimes more colours are required. Popular today It is a known fact...


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