How to unite luxury packaging and sustainability?

2021-11-10 As the global wave of sustainability unfolds around the world, commodity manufacturers are looking for ways to develop their activities in a more sustainable manner and make products more recyclable and environmentally friendly. Th packaging of goods, which still plays an important role in product quality assurance and marketing, but...


Etiketes tinkliniams maiseliams

Time-tested method of labelling fresh vegetables and fruits

2021-11-10 Pakmarkas offers a time-tested solution – non-adhesive snap-on labels for products packed in mesh bags. In English, these labels are also called “wine glass labels”. They got this name because of its shape, reminiscent of a glass of wine. The labelling of mesh bags poses certain challenges because it is...


Glowing labels

2021-10-05 Create a lasting impression using innovative and playful labels with mysterious glow-in-the-dark effect. GLOWING LABELS. WHAT ARE THEY? These are covered with paint that glows in the dark, also known as photoluminescent paint. It absorbs electromagnetic rays (e.g. daylight) and later radiates them by glowing in the dark and UV...


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