Frequency inverters

We sell Enertronica Santerno and Siemens frequency converters used in industry for smart and economical control of electric motors. We can also offer converters for converting energy from renewable sources into a common grid.

⌂ We always have a large selection of the most common frequency converters in our warehouse:

Siemens – V20, G120 and S120 series.
Santerno – Sinus B, M and Penta series.

For this reason, we can quickly offer a frequency converter suitable for controlling your electric motor.

The main parameters of the proposed frequency converters:

  • power – 0.12 kW to 6,000 kW;
  • supply voltage range – from 200 V to 690 V;
  • network frequency – 50-60 Hz;
  • protection class – IP00, IP20, IP54;
  • fully digitized and designed to perform tasks requiring high-precision control of servomotors;
  • modern security features installed: STO, emergency mode, etc.;
  • with remote control modules for configuring frequency converters.

Most of our frequency converters can have pre-programmed technological control algorithms required for the respective program, and the parameters can be set by a computer.

Wide range of communication possibilities: Profinet, Profibus, Modbus and etc.

We also offer all frequency converter accessories on the market: output reactor, input filters, braking resistors, etc.

⌂ We also offer automation engineering services such as installation, commissioning and configuration of frequency converters according to your technical task. We advise in case of failures.

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