Industrial Detas LED signal lamps

We distribute signal lamps of Italian manufacturer DETAS, which are installed in various automated equipment and are designed to inform the personnel working near the equipment about the current condition of the equipment, possible dangers, stopping the process and other important information. Information is transmitted by lamps of different colours, by their flashing or by a steady light, also an audible signal can be integrated into the lamps.

DTS-LED is a fully modular series of DETAS signal lamps. Depending on the individual needs, the customer can order different legs/pads, choose the colours and quantity of lamps, audible signals. This series is available in three sizes: 30, 50 and 70mm in diameter. It has an extremely high resistance to the environment (resistance class IP65). Voltage 12 or 24 VDC.

DTS-LED-LC is an updated series of modular DTS-LED lamps. Unlike the series of standard DTS-LED lamps, the updated LC series lamps are not distributed in modules, there is only one size – 70 mm. Three final versions are available: of three (LC30), four (LC4) and five (LC5) colours, and always with an audible signal. If necessary, you can switch the lighting mode (continuous/flashing), change the intensity and type of the audible signal. Resistance class IP53, voltage 24 VDC.

MULTI is a series of programmable lamps. These lamps are equipped with RGB LEDs, so a small single-stage lamp can have up to 6 colours and an audible signal. They are a great solution when there is not much space and exceptional adaptability is required.

The lamps EKOS, QPLC, LINE, FLEXI and others are designed for installation of equipment (e.g. Radiolex switch cabinet (reference) lighting. The range of colours is wide, the product is completely ready for use, so after choosing the right model installation is extremely easy. You will find more useful information about this product in the catalogue (pages 13-37).

⌂ We always have DTS-LED 50mm lamps of the modular series, DTS-LED LC 70mm (three- and five-colour) lamps of updated model and Multi series signal lamps in our warehouse.

You will find more useful information in the catalogues:


Catalogue of DETAS DTS Signal Lamps (EN/IT)

Booklet of DETAS DTS-LED LC Series Lamps (EN/IT)

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