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We strive to make our customers’ brands stand out from all the other products on the shelf. Labels are produced for any needs. The available cutting edge label printing technologies allow us to offer label solutions that meet the expectations of each customer and the latest packaging trends – from very simple to innovative, non-standard or environmentally friendly solutions. Adhesive labels are the most popular choice, but our specialists will help you choose the labels most suitable for you.



  • Print in up to 9 colours
  • Large, medium and small runs
  • Conformant with BRC and GMP
  • DPG marking

You will be pleasantly surprised by our range of adhesive labels. We will always find the right solution for both start-ups and well-known brands with extensive experience. We can print adhesive labels of various shapes, sizes and quantities. We can provide these labels: DPG adhesive labels, double-layer adhesive labels, water soluble labels, antibacterial labels, colored adhesive labelsblanks of adhesive labels, adhesive labels in small quantities. We also perform a wide range of additional label finishing work (varnishing, laminating, cold and hot foil printing, screen printing, embossing, perforation, etc.). The adhesive labels we produce meet the high standards of hygiene and safety in the food industry.



  • Print in up to 10 colours
  • Large, medium and small runs
  • Conformant with BRC and GMP
  • PET, OPS and PVC materials

Heat-shrinkable labels stand out among other options with their extraordinary possibilities: they make the most of the entire container space for advertising, adapt perfectly to various forms of packaging, and can be printed on environmentally friendly film. When we first started printing these labels on the Lithuanian market, we became the ones to decorate the legendary dairy drink “Miau” and products of other lesser-known brands. Today, with state-of-the-art printing technology and a highly professional team, we print shrink sleeve labels for manufacturers in the food, cosmetics, automotive and household chemicals industries looking for both simple and luxurious or sustainable solutions.


  • Print in up to 10 colours
  • Large, medium and small runs
  • Conformant with BRC and GMP
  • BOPP material

This is a great option when looking for more economical packaging. Coloured wrap around labels have a wide range of applications. They are wrapped around the entire product so the label design adorns the product from all sides. This advantage of the labels is effectively used by brands of dairy products, table and mineral water, and soft drinks. The material of the wrap around labels is durable and elastic, ideal for wrapping drinks grouped into packs or several items during a promotional campaign. Take advantage of the modern capabilities of these labels, relying on our experience and knowledge.

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