We offer variators by Italian manufacturer Motovario with 45 experience of manufacture in the industry of variators.

As an official assembly centre of Motovario (Motovario Assembly centre, M.A.C.),  we are able to assemble a desirable quality variator combined with various motors and helical (from H032 to H123) and worm (from NMRV030 to NMRV150) gear reducers.
For the convenience of our customers, PakMarkas always stocks the most common models of variators in aluminum casings.

We can offer variators in range of models:

  • Mounting versions: flange, foot and compact
  • Power – 0.15 kW to 9,2 kW
  • Max torque 5,000 Nm
  • Casing available in aluminum or cast iron
  • Certifications Available ATEX: 2GD/3GD


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