Product preparation equipment

  • Pasteurizers
    Pasteurizing is a process where the product is heated up to the defined temperature and kept at this temperature for specific time. The purpose of pasteurizing is to protect the product against micro-organisms and thus, extend its use time. This product processing method is often used in beer industry. The pasteurizing level is defined by pasteurizing units PU. One PU means that the product is heated up to 60°C and kept at this temperature for one minute. For example, beer is pasteurized up to 22–25 PUs.
  • Machines for mixing/saturation with carbon dioxide
    Machines for saturation with carbon dioxide are used in the production of carbonated beverages, where the product is mixed with carbon dioxide. Mixing machines have additional tanks for other ingredients (syrup), as well as ingredient batching devices. Machines for mixing and saturation with carbon dioxide can have different output, starting with 2,000 and up to 40,000 litres/h. The machines can be offered complete with an electromechanical control mechanism or with a programmable memory unit. All working cycles and sterilising processes are automated, control sensors regulate the process, thus preventing deviations from the product technology.
  • Cooling machines
    Cooling machines can cool both thin (e.g., wine) and thick (e.g., grapefruit mash) liquid products. Machines have self-cleaning systems installed, which constantly remove the ice layer from working surfaces and ensure large heat-exchange area. The machines can be completed with sealed and semi-sealed pumps, filled with HFC R404a coolant, which is safe to ozone layer. The condenser of the cooling machine is made of copper tubes with aluminium plates. It ensures especially large heat-exchange surface. Pressure gauges and other control elements are installed on the instrument panel.


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