Pizzato security door position sensors

We are the official representatives of the world-famous Italian manufacturer “Pizzato Elettrica”. The products of this manufacturer, founded in 1984, are marked with the “100% Made in Italy” certification, high IP protection class (up to 69K) and can work at extremely low temperatures (up to -40°C). One of the main segments of Pizzato Elettrica’s products is security chain components.

The sensors that mechanically lock the position of the door to monitor the position of the door leaf (open/closed) are modular in design (like the Pizzato Limit Switches) so various configurations can be made:

Housings metal (series FD, FL and FC) or technopolymer (series FR, FX, FW, FK and FP)

Actuators (locking forks) for different mounting positions: straight, tilted, narrowed, etc. It is also possible to choose the lock holding force (10 N (standard) or enhanced 30 N version). If required, the sensor “head” can also be rotated in respect of the housing.

Contact blocks are adapted to various contact groups: 1NO–1NC, 1NO + 1NC, 2NC, 2NO, 1NO + 2NC, 3NC, 2NO + 1NC. It is also possible to select the type of activation: slow action, snap action, overlapping, delayed activation, delayed and isolated activation between individual contact groups, with independent contact groups and with gold-plated silver contacts.

There are different types of sensor connections: with holes for direct cable connection (M16, M20, PG11, PG13.5 with double or even triple holes), with M12 connection (up to 12 locations), with PG seals (plastic or metal) or with cable for wider integration.

Non-contact door position sensors (SR B series and compact SR A series) are also designed to monitor the position of the door leaf, but instead of a locking fork, a magnetic door leaf support is used, therefore these sensors do not wear out and have an extremely high moisture and dirt resistance class IP69K. These sensors capture the position in all directions and can be connected sequentially making it easy to install. To eliminate fraud, these sensors only activate when they approach a paired magnetic actuator (they are paired using a code when ordered). Modulation options: connectors, tripping distance (5 or 8 mm), contact groups.

Contactless door position sensors with RFID (ST series) with advanced sensor and actuator pairing via digital code. The trick of trying to use another (unpaired) actuator in the same series is almost impossible. If the actuator is lost or damaged, it is possible to pair the sensor programmatically with a new ST series actuator. For ease of use, each sensor has integrated 4 LEDs. It is possible to connect them consistently into one security chain. These sensors comply with + SIL 3 safety class. Trigger distance up to 20 mm. PNP output type (OSSD).

⌂ We also offer the services of an automation engineer for the selection, installation and configuration of security chain components according to the required technical task. We advise in case of failures.

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