Rexnord couplings

We sell „Rexnord“ couplings from a manufacturer with a century of coupling manufacturing experience.

Market-recognized Rexnord coupling models:

  • flexible polyurethane couplings: Viva, Omega and Wrapflex
  • Steelflex spring-loaded couplings are designed for use in aggressive environments
  • disc couplings Thomas and CENTA
  • toothed Lifelign couplings

⌂ We always have the most popular Rexnord coupling models Viva (up to V365 size), Wraplex (up to 70R size), Steelflex (up to 1070T10 size) and spare parts in stock.

For more useful information see the following catalogues:
Catalogue of Lifelign toothed couplings
Catalogue of Omega flexible couplings
Catalogue of Steelflex spring couplings
Catalogue of Thomas disc couplings
 Catalogue of Viva flexible couplings
 Catalogue of Wrapflex flexible couplings

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