Antibacterial labels

Antibacterial varnish is applied to:


What makes this varnish special
Antibacterial varnish protects the surface of packaging and labels from a variety of viruses and bacteria that usually survive easily on conventional packaging.

Reliability and safety of the varnish
We receive the antibacterial varnish directly from its developers, testers and manufacturers. Its action has been clinically tested: there is no risk to health, and no additional or irritating odours present. Removes up to 99.99 per cent of viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores. It has a renewable disinfectant effect and its production does not involve the use of nanoparticles and toxic biocides. This antibacterial varnish has a certificate of compliance with ISO Standard 22196.


  • The antibacterial varnish used to coat packaging and labels is designed for basic hygiene and it creates a sense of security. This varnish is provides an opportunity to give yourself and your employees, partners and end users long-term protection against the chain of transmitted infections that occur when viruses persist on the surfaces of products.
  • According to available data, the COVID-19 virus can survive on paper packaging for up to 48 hours. Antibacterial varnish destroys the viruses that reach the packaging or labels.
  • In order for the varnish’s antibacterial properties to take effect, it is sufficient to place it in an environment that is illuminated and contains oxygen. Thus, the varnish is practically always active, and it is “idle” only in total darkness. When it is exposed to light, it will perform its antibacterial job again.


What is the period of action of the varnish?
In an illuminated environment, this varnish remains effective for 12 months.

What materials is it suitable for?
The varnish can be applied on paper and cardboard, making it perfect for adhesive labels, food packaging, etc. The varnish can be matte, glossy and satin. PP, PE, PET and other films require a different type of varnish. We also have a solution for that type of packaging.

Does the varnish lose its properties when stored in refrigerators or outdoors?
The varnish does not lose its properties in refrigerators and outdoor conditions. For the varnish to be effective, two conditions must be maintained: there must be oxygen and light.

Is a label and packaging coated with antibacterial varnish require to bear a special marking symbol?
You can use the varnish manufacturer’s symbol or create your own.

Do you have a certificate confirming the properties of antibacterial varnish?
Yes, we do. Contact us and we will share it with you.

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