Highly resistant to washing ink ribbons for printing on textile

RESIN type ink ribbon D110C™ is perfect for printing on textile and other materials where high resistance and quality are required. This ink ribbon meets the special requirements necessary for industrial textile printing.

Types of ink ribbons:


Ordering highly resistant to washing ink ribbons for textile

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D110C™ ink ribbons characteristics

  • Ink type: RESIN. These ink ribbons are known for their high resistance to abrasion, chemicals and temperature, making them an ideal choice for textile printing.
  • Color: black – universal choice that ensures high contrast and readability on various surfaces.
  • Blackness intensity: medium. Sufficient print intensity and contrast, especially important when printing detailed information is ensured.
  • Head adaptation: flat head. This ink ribbon is adapted for printers with flat head, ensuring good print quality and efficiency.
  • Printing temperature: higher or high. These ink ribbons require a higher printing temperature to ensure optimal ink transfer and adhesion to the print surface.
  • Print speed: low or medium. Suitable for both low and medium speed printing, providing flexibility for different printing operations.
  • Area of ​​use:
    • Textile printing: especially suitable for printing textile labels, clothing size tags, composition labels and other similar applications.
    • Industrial use: ideal for use in industrial printing systems where high resistance and reliability are required.



  • Resistance: high resistance to abrasion, chemicals and temperature.
  • Print quality: ensures clear and long-lasting print.
  • Versatility: suitable for various industrial printing systems and various types of textiles.


Consider your printing needs and printer specifications before choosing ink ribbon to ensure optimal printing results. D110C™ ink ribbon is an excellent choice when high resistance and quality are required, especially when printing on textile ribbons and other similar materials.

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