Three-phase asynchronous motors

We sell three-phase electric motors of such world-class producers as Siemens, Innomotics, Cantoni, and OMEC.

Possible specifications of three-phase asynchronous motors:

  • housing size – 56 to 450;
  • power – 0.06 kW to 1,000 kW (up to 110 kW available in the warehouse ⌂);
  • speed/revolutions (number of poles) – 3,000 rpm (2 poles), 1,500 rpm (4 poles), 1,000 rpm (6 poles), 750 rpm (8 poles);
  • protection class – IP55 or higher;
  • housing material – aluminium, cast iron;
  • insulation class – F (ordering H-class motors is also possible, if needed);
  • designed to operate in explosive environments, Ex d, Ex de, IIB e IIC, II2G e II2GD, T3–T4, T5 e T6 certified;
  • efficiency class – IE1 to IE4;
  • with or without electromagnetic KS and NS brakes;
  • three-phase asynchronous motors typically are single-speed (ordering 2- and 3-speed motors are also possible, if needed).


⌂ For clients’ convenience, there is always a wide range of cylindrical, parallel, worm shafts, bevel gears, and variators of various sizes and transmission degrees available at our warehouse, which we can promptly install on your motor.

For more useful information on three-phase asynchronous motors see the catalogues:

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OMEC IE4 class motor catalogue

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