Filling equipment

Types of filling equipment:

  • gravitational and/or low-vacuum level filling machines are used for bottling non-carbonated and thin liquid products: natural water, alcoholic drinks, clear fruit juices, vinegar, milk, chemical products, etc.;
  • high-vacuum level machines are used to bottle thick and viscous products (vegetable oils, syrups, etc.) into rigid containers;
  • volume-based filling machines bottle the precise amount of product with the tolerance of ±1.5 cm3 for 1-litre bottle, irrespective of density of the bottled product and the volume of bottles of that same type;
  • volume-based machines for filling lines, intended for thick, viscous products with solid additives;
  • pressurized filling machines for bottling carbonated liquids (sparkling beverages, beer, carbonated water, soft drinks);
  • machines for steel keg washing/filling are intended for the producers of beer, wine, soft drinks, and for those planning to start and develop beverage trading in kegs;
  • monoblocks are the multi-functional machines performing flushing, de-gassing and traditional filling operations in one machine.


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