Corking equipment

Automated corking machines can have a single head or many heads.

Machines are easily adjusted for corks/caps of required type (you will only need to perform several simple operations).

Single-head machines are intended for:

  • natural push-in corks;
  • screwed aluminium caps, ROPP corks with internal throat;
  • ‘mushroom’ and T-shape corks fed in continuous flow;
  • crimp covers with residual deformation.


Multi-head machines are intended for:

  • putting on caps;
  • screwing on aluminium caps;
  • plastic, pre-threaded caps.


Capping heads:

  • modernisation of existing capping heads;
  • installation of a new capping head on a customer’s machine.


Cap elevators:

  • for different types of caps;
  • for different types of dose dispensers.


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