Double-layer labels

3 times more information

The surface area of double layer peel-off labels is 3 times larger than that of conventional adhesive labels. These labels are the ideal solution when more information needs to be provided on the packaging (multilingual versions, product composition, etc.).

The label, also known as a ‘sandwich’, consists of two layers: the bottom layer is firmly attached to the product and the top layer can be peeled off.

The top label is attached to the bottom label with a special adhesive that makes it easy to peel off and reattach. Due to repeated adhesion, the user can repeatedly return to the required product information. The corner of the top layer of the label can be left non-sticky to make it more convenient and easier to peel off.

We offer a wide selection of double-layer label shapes, sizes and materials.

Up to 5 colours can be printed on the top layer of the peel-off label. It is also possible to use one of the label decoration elements, e.g. cold stamping, varnishing etc. On the bottom layer, text information in 1-2 colours can be printed.

This is an ideal solution for businesses that use the back label to provide promotional content. Double-layer labels are suitable for marketing campaigns, they attract the buyers’ attention, distinguish the product from others. There is no need to use additional advertising envelopes or hanging labels.

Double-layer labels are used by manufacturers of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, household and automotive chemicals, groceries, beverages and food.

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