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PakMarkas offers an extremely wide range of components for process automation. Industrial electronics starts with small input components such as sensors or limit switches and extends to higher level control systems (PLC controllers) and everything in between: motor protection, contactors, various relays, soft starters, automated circuit breakers, blade switches, safety circuit modules and other electronic components.

We distribute switchboard cabinets for the installation of all these components, and LED signal lamps for warning of the staff.
We offer only trusted brands: Siemens, Pizzato, Santerno, Pepperl-fuchs, Datalogic, Radiolex, and Detas.

Mechanical drives and automation components catalogue



  • Conditioned or heated enclosures
  • Anti-corrosion coating (C1 to CX)
  • Customised design

Switchboard cabinets for the installation of automation components for switchgears of various voltage are another industrial equipment provided by PakMarkas. We distribute the products of the manufacturer Radiolex. We offer standard control cabinets, as well as those designed for explosive or hygienic environments, and we also have non-standard solutions for special-purpose control cabinets. Switchboard cabinets, switchboards and switchgear housings are designed for safe installation of automation components. If you plan to install frequency converters, various contactors, modular relays, automated circuit breakers, blade switches – contact our specialists and they will help you choose: tel. +370 5 205 2881 or e-mail detales@pakmarkas.lt


  • Modular solutions
  • Voltage range up to 690V AC

We sell various Siemens SIRIUS and SENTRON series components for low voltage equipment control: motor protection (thermal and electronic relays), contactors, monitoring and safety relays, soft starters, buttons, etc.


  • The most popular models in our warehouse
  • Operating current of switches up to 6300 A
  • Short-circuit current up to 150 kA

We sell various Siemens SIRIUS and SENTRON series components for low voltage mains distribution: automated circuit breakers, MCCBs and overhead switches, mains analysers, blade switches, fuse assemblies, etc.


  • Analog and digital
  • Temperature, magnetic, etc.

Sensors or transducers are automation devices designed to monitor the process and send the intended signals accordingly, usually to higher level control systems. Depending on the power demand, sensors can be categorised into passive and active, according to the principle of operation – analog and digital. PakMarkas distributes various types of sensors: temperature, optical, ultrasonic, magnetic, inductive and others.


  • Efficient and safe operation of electric motors
  • Minimal power consumption and pollution
  • Smooth start and stop of machines
  • Power up to 6000 kW

Frequency converters enable to precisely determine the speed of motors, their acceleration, the maximum torque limits. Properly parameterized, the motor will run much more efficiently and will be more durable, you will reduce power consumption, pollution and charges. In addition, this frequency converter can be used to parameterize the starts and stops of electric motors, make them smooth and protect the motor-driven equipment from mechanical shocks. PakMarkas distributes reliable Siemens and Enertronica Santerno frequency converters for various industrial needs.


  • Modular controllers are tailored to unique needs
  • Controller configuration services
  • Factory-integrated key controller functions (Safety, security, etc.)

Programmable logic controllers are resistant computers designed to control a variety of industrial processes. These controllers are the "brains" of fully automated production lines and complex standalone devices. Based on default program parameters and signals from external devices (e.g. sensors), the controller performs an evaluation, sends signals to external devices (e.g. frequency converters) and adjusts the process. PakMarkas distributes innovative Siemens controllers, from the simplest LOGO! modules up to the advanced SIMATIC S7-1500 series.


  • Modular design
  • High resistance to the environment: up to IP69K
  • Heavy duty product versions

We are the official representative of the Italian manufacturer Pizzato Elettrica. It is a well-known Italian brand in the field of safety components. The main product categories of automation security components are: limit switches, safety circuit modules, door position sensors, automatic handles and locks.


  • We have 50 mm modular and 70 mm LC series lamps in stock
  • MULTI is a flexible series of programmable, colour-changing signal lamps
  • Light source - LEDs

We distribute signal lamps for industrial equipment from the Italian manufacturer Detas, designed to inform staff about the current condition of the equipment and possible dangers. These lamps are designed to work in direct current circuits. We offer wide range: different diameters (from 30 to 70mm), materials (plastic/stainless steel), programming options, environmental resistance, etc.

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