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PakMarkas produces and supplies conveyors and their systems to Lithuanian enterprises since 1999. Assemblies and structure elements are constantly improved based on both our own experience and advices from foreign partners Movex, Motovario and Interroll. Our specialists design conveyor systems of different complexity according to individual orders, carry out their assembly and matching to the other equipment in your enterprise, and provide warranty and after-warranty service. We also supply conveyor components: conveyor systems and conveyor parts.



  • We can design according to your need
  • We adjust the required conveyor length according to the room
  • If necessary, we make a variable-length conveyor
  • We install conveyors with corner tracks

We offer free-rolling conveyors that are used to optimize product and packaging transportation processes or line operations. We select and design a conveyor solution based on performance, product, package or location where the conveyor will be located. Conveyors can be used in any industry, including the food industry. They are especially demanded in logistics.



  • 4 types of conveyors
  • Possibility to design according to your needs
  • Suitable for food, cosmetics and other industries, economics

We offer modernized conveyors that are widely used in industry: food, chemical, furniture, logistics centres or other sectors of industry. Our conveyors connect various devices into lines or help solve transportation problems. We can offer PVC, modular, plate, roller or specialized conveyors according to individual needs with or without control. We select and design the conveyor solution according to: performance; product; package; the place where the conveyor will be located.


  • For medium and large size products
  • Perform lifting, lowering, stacking, accumulation functions

Spiral conveyors are used to transport medium and large sized products or packages. As a result, they sometimes in colloquial language are referred to as spiral transporters. These conveyors are ideal for handling packaged products and boxes in logistics and are used for a variety of functions: lifting, lowering, stacking or accumulation

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