Blanks of adhesive labels

Blanks of adhesive labels are used to print labels on printers or scales with built-in printers.

In our company you will find blanks of various shapes and colours made of paper or film. We can also make unique blanks of the desired dimensions, winding, adhesion, and colour from the material most suitable for your product.

We always have in stock the most popular standard label blanks.


These blanks are made of white matte paper. The surface of the paper is smooth and does not absorb ink.

Material characteristics of the blanks:

  • total material thickness (label material + glue + liner) 0.126 mm;
  • specific weight 133 g/m2;
  • label paper layer thickness ~ 66 µm;
  • minimum adhesion temperature + 5°C;
  • service temperature after adhesion -20° ÷ +80°


Standard blanks can be printed with all label printers of thermal transfer technology available in our range (except colour).

Acrylic, standard and reinforced adhesives are used for the blanks.

Blanks of labels are printed using wax-type inked ribbons. They are usually black, but we have other colours as well. It is also possible to print using wax resin inked ribbons. PakMarkas offers Standard™ ink ribbons for printing.

Label blanks are sold in full rolls. When you buy in full boxes, you get a better price.

We pack the rolls of standard labels in cardboard boxes with dimensions (length x width x height) of 405 X 205 x 210 mm (260 mm). The blanks are shipped in full boxes.

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