Low-centre electric motors

We sell low-centre electric motors of highly experienced world-class motor producers CEG and Himmel.

These electric motors differ from the standard ones by their distance to the centre of the shaft, which is much lower compared to standard motors of similar power. Working with wood-processing equipment equipped with low-centre motors (e.g. disc cutting machines) is much more convenient and productive because the lower centre of the motor enables maximum utilisation of the cutting disk’s height, among other things.

We offer a wide range of standard low-centre electric motors:

  • size range from 48 to 112;
  • power from 0.37 kW to 50 kW;
  • rotation speed (number of poles) 3000 rpm (2 poles), 1500 rpm (4 poles), 1000 rpm (6 poles); we can also offer low-centre motors with the rotation speed of up to 24,000 rpm;
  • protection rating IP55 or higher;
  • aluminium or cast iron housing;
  • insulation class F;
  • single-phase or three-phase; selection of motors equipped with KS or NS brakes is also possible.


These motors differ from the standard ones by the distance to the axis centre which is a lot shorter in comparison to standard motors of the same power. This is very practical and convenient in the case of timber processing equipment (e.g., disc cutters) because a lower-positioned motor centre allows using the cutting disc height for the maximum benefit.

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