Silicone rubber and extrusions

We distribute high-quality certified silicone products: sheets, profiles, gaskets and pads for sealing and cushioning.

They are usually made of rubber (we can also offer them), but rubber is not as resistant and is not suitable in some processes. PakMarkas, meanwhile, can offer silicone products that are fully suitable for use in the food industry and do not lose their properties even at +300°C, at intensive evaporation or washing with aggressive chemicals.

Depending on the customer’s needs, we can offer profiles in standard (round, rectangular, square or trapezoidal) shapes or customised profiles made to the customer’s specific needs (presented in drawings or samples): rigid or porous, adhesive, of desired colour (including transparent) and hardness.

It is possible to order specific silicone products with metal dust (for packaging or production lines with metal detectors) or inflatable (pressure up to 4 bar) profiles used for sealing variable cavities.

The main properties of silicone products:

  • temperature from -70°C to +315°C;
  • hardness from 20 to 90 Sh;


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