Pizzato security door hinges, locks and handles

We are the official representatives of the world-famous Italian manufacturer “Pizzato Elettrica”. The products of this manufacturer, founded in 1984, are marked with the “100% Made in Italy” certification, high IP protection class (up to 69K) and can work at extremely low temperatures (up to -40°C). One of the main segments of Pizzato Elettrica’s products is security chain components.

Hinges with integrated position sensors (HP-HC series) that can be easily recalibrated to the next door leaf opening sensation angle. Maximum door leaf sensing angle 90°. Maximum door leaf opening angle 180°. If you need to install heavier door leaf, it is cheaper to order visually the same hinges, but without an integrated sensor.

The following performance modulations are available for simpler installation:

Hinge design by size, connection options (M12 connector or loose cable (up, down or inside the hinge, directly to the door or frame)) and contact blocks.

The HIS version of the stainless steel hinge AISI316L is designed for places where cleanliness and hygiene are extremely important (for the food or pharmaceutical industry).  Unlike HP or HC hinges, HX hinges can also be ordered with an electronic (transistor) contact block and integrated LEDs.

Another alternative to Pizzato to sense the door leaf position is the safety sensors (FD, FL and FC with XX95 or FR, FM,
FX, FZ and FK with XX96)
with specific rod actuators that are mechanically connected to the door leaf hinges.

When it is not possible to install hinges with integrated sensors, or mechanically through a special rod actuator to connect the safety sensor to the hinge – Pizzato offers another analogue – lever actuators mechanically connected to the sides of the door leaf itself (C1, C2, C3, C4 and C5). These actuators can be equipped with safety sensors FR, FM, FX, FZ and FK.

Security locks (interlock):

  • with mechanical unlocking delay (FD or FP with XR2) for mounting on door leaf that restricts access to hazardous equipment that poses a risk even after shutdown (for example: high inertia pulleys, cutting discs, cutters, etc.). These locks comply with the ISO 14119 security standard. Possibility to order a different time delay lock from 5 to 20 seconds
  • with a key (FD or FP with XX99) to ensure that only authorized operators have access to hazardous equipment. These locks comply with the ISO 14119 security standard.
  • with electronic lock (FG) can be unlocked from voltage (12 V to 230 V DC / AC) supply or by interrupting it (energized / de-energized solenoid). Maximum lock force 2,800 N. If required, locks with integrated LEDs (4 options), with a key or emergency button can be ordered.  Maximum actuator holding force 2,800 N.
  • The compact version of the electronic lock FS has the main features of FG locks, except for the following options: emergency button, key, LEDs.
  • With electronic lock and RFID (NG version) has the main features of FG locks and unique pairing of lock and actuator. Meets SIL3 + requirements. Up to 32 locks can be connected in series using a single cable. Electronic safety outputs OSSD, can be ordered front panel with integrated HMI elements, up to 3 buttons. Maximum actuator holding force 9,750 N.
  • The compact version of the electronic lock with the RFID version NS has the main features of NG, except for the possibility to mount HMI buttons on the cover. However, emergency unlocking cavities (with a screwdriver or key) can be ordered. Maximum actuator holding force 2,100 N.


Pizzato safety handles P-KUBE used in equipment enclosures is a simple, easy to adapt, durable and efficient solution for equipment manufacturers and installers. P-KUBE can work in pairs with all Pizzato door position sensors, can be mounted on opening and sliding doors. These handles are divided into five categories:

  • The handles of the P-KUBE 1 (series VF AP-P1) are designed to work in pairs with the door position sensor FD or the safety lock FG. A sturdy metal centering tab ensures precise door leaf fit to the frames. Supplied with a lock-out device to prevent accidental locking of the door.
  • The P-KUBE 2 (AP G series) handles are designed to work in pairs with NG series security locks with RFID technology, which guarantees extremely high security with an RFID security code, and the lock is durable and holds up to 9,750 N. When the lock is unlocked, the tab supports the door from accidental opening with a force of 30 N.
  • P-KUBE FAST (series VF AP-S13) compact and light handles are designed to work in conjunction with door position sensors FD or safety locks FG. This handle has an integrated emergency unlock slider for quick operator withdrawal. A lock-out device is included.
  • The P-KUBE SUPER (AP G2C-800 series) is a substantially enhanced version of the P-KUBE 2 for heavier doors and therefore has two centering tabs. With all the benefits of P-KUBE2.
  • The P-KUBE Krome (AN series) is the most advanced safety handle of Pizzato. Designed to work in pairs with either NS or NG series security locks with RFID codes. These handles can also be ordered with a function key of the desired colour (for queries such as: unlock, reload, start, etc.). A handle with RGB LED lighting can be ordered to indicate the status of the device or process (7 different colours).


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