Box roller tracks

Box roller tracks are mainly used for “live” storage systems with continuous movement. They allow safe conveying of cardboard boxes.

Technical information:

  • this roller system is suitable for conveying cardboard boxes/containers weighing up to 25 kg;
  • rail rollers are made of impact- and temperature-resistant plastic polypropylene (PP);
  • rollers are installed in galvanized rails;
  • 3 mm galvanized round steel axle is used for rollers;
  • it is possible to choose tracks of various lengths from 300 to 6500 mm;
  • minimum order quantity 250 pcs./length;
  • the required pitch of the rollers is indicated when ordering;
  • the standard colour of the wheels is yellow;
  • the rollers can be used at temperatures from 30°C to +100°C. Not resistant to UV rays.


The following special wheels are available:

  1. Deep freezing design from -30 °C.
  2. Antistatic, black colour.
  3. The permissible temperature range is from -20 °C to +40 °C.
  4. Special colours are available upon request.


Multi-directional rollers are used wherever load carriers, packages, boxes or workpieces are rotated, sorted, guided, etc.

The diameter of the rollers determines the maximum loads:

  • Ø 50 mm – 100 kg
  • Ø 60 mm – 200 kg
  • Ø 80 mm – 400 kg


More information about box roller tracks can be found in the Euroroll catalogue.

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