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We offer a wide range of non-standard electric motors – engines from 0.06 kW to 110 kW are always available in our warehouse. If required, we can order more powerful motors, as well as motors with electromagnetic brakes, 2- and 3-speed motors, non-standard motors, or motors designed to operate in explosive environments. All installation accessories for starting and protecting the motors can be found in our warehouse.

Mechanical drives and automation components catalogue



  • Electric or pneumatic
  • Suitable for work in explosive environments
  • Adjustable centrifugal force (up to 30,560 kg)
  • Housings made of aluminum, cast iron or stainless steel

These are induction motors with balanced weights mounted on the shaft ends. Rotation of these unbalanced weights creates the desired vibrations. Vibratory motors are common in the mining, fertilizer and other bulk products industries. Vibratory motors are usually used in pairs, and are common in sieving, washing, and small element separation machines. PakMarkas distributes vibratory motors from Italian manufacturers Italvibras and OLI. Contact us if you need professional advice.


  • Square body (power up to 397 kW)
  • Round body (power up to 6 kW)
  • Low voltage, separate-activation (power up to 4 kW)

DC electric motors are often used for technical tasks where high starting torque (cranes, winches, elevators, etc.) or precise speed control (various machines) is required. PakMarkas offers its customers reliable FEMSAN DC motors with excellent technical properties. Interested in more information? Contact us in a way most convenient for you and we will find a solution together.


  • Power up to 132 kW
  • Diameter up to 800 mm
  • Steel or stainless steel housings
  • Belt speed up to 5.18 m/s

These are motors where the shaft, unlike in other motors, is mounted in a stationary position and the outer housing rotates. Drum motors are designed for use on belt conveyors. Most often used in mines, logistics centers and seaports. PakMarkas distributes drum motors from the German manufacturer Himmel. The drum engines we offer are some of the most reliable and best rated products in the world. If you have any questions or would like advice, please contact our specialists.


  • Housing sizes up to 112
  • Power up to 50 kW
  • Speed up to 24,000 rpm

Low-centre electric motors are used in cases where there is a lack of space and the shaft must be lower than standard asynchronous motors. Low-centre motors are often found in the wood industry and in various finishing machines. PakMarkas distributes the motor of well-known manufacturers Himmel and CEG. Contact us if you need advice or professional help in choosing the most suitable solutions


  • Large selection available in stock
  • Power up to 1000 kW
  • Aluminum or cast iron housings
  • Highest performance class IE4

An asynchronous motor is probably the most commonly used device in the industry. PakMarkas stocks and distributes electric motors from the world’s leading manufacturers: Siemens, Cantoni and OMEC. We can offer: motors of various housing sizes, capacities, speeds, protection and efficiency classes, with or without brakes, and even motor adapted for use in explosive atmospheres. Do you have any questions or need help choosing a three-phase asynchronous motor? Contact us and we will find a solution together.

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