Bottle flushing/washing machines

Flushing machines are used to remove mechanical impurities from new bottles occurring during the bottle transportation, and to reduce biological contamination which is dangerous to both product and human health.

These machines are:

  • Bottle flushing machines 

Flushing can be performed with water (so mechanical impurities are removed from the bottle) or special flushing liquids, where bacteria and micro-organisms must be destroyed.  The machines can be arranged so as to be able to operate in both modes, i.e. using two flushing liquids.

  • Bottle washing machines

These machines are used to wash reusable containers – bottles and boxes. Machines offered by us are suitable for different production outputs, they are easily adjusted to different types of bottles, and can be assembled from separate modules which can be added or removed depending on production volumes. Additionally, we can integrate a washing machine into the existing filling line and automate the production.


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