Motorised conveyor rollers

We sell motorised and gravity-driven conveyor rollers manufactured by Euroroll and their warehouse systems for transporting pallets and cardboard boxes.

PakMarkas conveyor rollers are made of the highest quality steel, stainless steel, plastic, and aluminium.

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We can offer a particularly wide selection of Euroroll motorised rollers for conveyors.

Rollers with mechanically installed grooves

This type of rollers allows you to transport products using round belts. The diameter of the belts is 5 mm or 6 mm. The maximum groove depth is 6 mm. They are used for different types and sizes of boxes. The maximum load of the roller with the drive head is 300 N (due to the low pulling force of the round belt).

Rollers for use with multi-ply belts

The grooves in the drive head of these rollers allow the use of multi-ply Poly-V belts. The main advantage over a chain drive is higher speed and significantly lower noise levels.

They are perfect for transporting light and medium loads such as cardboard boxes, containers, tires. C series products can also be used in many other industries.

Rollers with toothed belt pulleys

Ideal for transporting light loads on motorised roller conveyors. The drive head for toothed belts allows the transport of light and medium weight transported loads. Higher speeds are achieved with significantly lower noise levels than with a chain drive.

Their advantages: high transport speed and low noise level. These rollers are especially suitable for use in dry, dust-free rooms.

Rollers with single/double sprockets

These motorised conveyor rollers are designed for transporting heavy loads. They are primarily intended for pallets and steel containers, as well as other heavy goods.

Drive rollers with double sprockets allow both vertical and horizontal movement when the gear is connected.

Tapered rollers

They are used in motorised and non-motorised conveyors. They are widely used to transport boxes, containers or tires. The rollers have a taper of 1.8° or 2.2°.

The robust conical elements are resistant to wear and impact, suppress noise and are distinguished by high resistance to weather conditions. They are used with 30 mm and 50 mm pipes.

We confidently recommend the extremely robust and high-quality Euroroll products to the food industry and other manufacturing companies, logistics companies, and warehouse companies.

For a company that has been operating for more than 40 years, product safety and precision quality are in the first place – all systems and components are developed and manufactured exclusively at the company’s headquarters in Germany.

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