PLC controllers

We successfully cooperate with the company Siemens and we offer a wide range of controllers from this manufacturer.

LOGO! modules are universal logic modules for simple electrical control tasks. Central and expansion modules are universal, so they can be used in the household (to control lighting, gates, blinds, etc.) and can be adapted for distribution and control cabinets. These modules include control keypads, digital inputs and outputs, EEPROM memory accumulators, and the switching program can consist of 30 different basic commands and additional functions. All LOGO! devices perform 56 functions.

Simatic S7 controllers (S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200, S7-1500) are compact yet extremely powerful microprocessor controllers with an extremely wide range of applications. These controls are easy to use and maintain. They also feature high command processing speeds. Data can be exchanged using the most widely used Profinet protocol in the industry. If required, modules can be ordered for use with other specific data exchange protocols.

Simatics S7 controllers are prepared to the SAFETY CAPABLE standard, and using the appropriate module, the controllers meet all safety requirements.

We also offer controllers of the SIPLUS version, which are adapted to work in electronics in particularly unfavourable conditions – where sudden changes in temperature, vibration or humidity prevail.

We also have industrial computers with integrated PLC controller functions (SIMATIC PC and PANEL IPC). They can be mounted freely on the wall – it is not necessary to mount them in control cabinets. The computers in this series have no moving, wearing parts, are durable and resistant to the environment, and do not require any maintenance.

We also supply other controller accessories and software on the market; we provide configuration services.

We also offer a wide selection of operator consoles (HMIs) (4 to 24 inches on the diagonal). Available with touch screen or normal buttons. We can also order consoles that meet the high requirements of the medical or food industry.

⌂ We always have a large selection of the most common LOGO! modules in our warehouse, S7-1200 controllers and the most popular HMI KTP700 Basic consoles in the industry.

⌂ We also offer automation engineer services such as installation, commissioning and configuration of PLC controllers according to your technical task. We advise in case of failures.

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