Economical CARL VALENTIN printers

CARL VALENTIN printers can accommodate large rolls of ink ribbon and label blanks.

These printers are used both in the office and in production premises. The service life at least 5 years.

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We sell the following CARL VALENTIN printers:Pica II 104 and Pica 106Vita II 104 and Vita II 106

Advantages of Pica II printers:

  • The body and cover of the printers are made of metal, so they are very robust;
  • Printers have a toothed belt drive;
  • Simple control – with only three membrane-covered buttons;
  • LCD display on the front provides information about the status of the printer and the errors that have occurred;
  • Good ink ribbon tensioning mechanism — prevents the wrinkle formation.


General specifications of Pica II 104 and Pica II 106 printers:

  • Head type – flat. Adapted for printing with ink ribbons;
  • Maximum print speed: 100 mm/s;
  • Minimum label height: 6 mm;
  • Printer length x width x height: 350 x 230 x 230 mm;
  • Printer weight: 9 kg;
  • Power supply: 230 V, 50 Hz;
  • Power: 150 W;
  • Ambient temperature: 5 ÷ 45°C;
  • Air humidity: up to 80%.


Accessories for Pica II printers:

  • additional methods of connecting to a PC are available: Ethernet, WLAN;
  • cutter, label peeler, external wrapper, external roll holder.


Vita II printers are more powerful than Pica II printers and have more options. Estimated service life is 5 years.

Advantages of Vita II printers:

  • The body and cover of the printers are made of metal, so they are very robust;
  • Controlled by computer and from front panel;
  • Can print without a computer, from its own memory;
  • Large internal memory of the printers saves larger, complex label design layouts;
  • Fast processor and high print speed allow you to print more labels;
  • Special ink ribbon tensioning mechanism prevents from wrinkle formation;
  • The fan installed for the cooling of the electronic system extends the operation time of the printers;
  • A sliding label sensor installed in the printers allows to correctly determine the spacing not only of rectangular, but also of round, oval or even complex shaped labels);
  • Printers can also be equipped with wrappers.


General specifications of Vita II 104 and Vita II 106 printers:

  • Two printing methods – thermal transfer (the printer head heats the ribbon, the ribbon ink liquefies and sticks to the paper surface) and thermal (the printer head heats the surface of special, heat-sensitive paper, which changes colour);
  • Maximum width of the paper band: 116 mm;
  • Minimum height of the label: 5 mm (25 mm in case of peeler and cutter);
  • Maximum diameter of the label roll: 180 mm; inner diameter of the core: 40 mm;
  • Paint ribbons: wax, wax-resin, resin;
  • Maximum diameter of the paint ribbon roll: 68 mm;
  • Printer length x width x height: 374 x 236 x 238 mm;
  • Printer weight: 11 kg;
  • Power supply: 100-240 V 50/60 Hz, up to 150 W;
  • Operation temperature: 5-35 °C;
  • Air humidity: up to 80%.


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