CARL VALENTIN, a German company with more than 100 years of experience, is one of the world leaders in thermal transfer printers.

We sell two types of small CARL VALENTIN printers – Micra 104 and Micra 106. These printers print not only on rectangular but also on round and oval labels.

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Technical data of Micra 104 printers:

  • maximum print width 104 mm;
  • print resolution 200 dpi;
  • memory for printing a 1720 mm long label.


Technical data of Micra 106 printers:

  • maximum print width 106 mm;
  • print resolution 300 dpi;
  • memory for printing a 760 mm long label.


Common technical data of Micra 104 and Micra 106 printers:

  • they print in two ways: by thermal transfer (the print head heats up the ink ribbon, its ink liquefies and adheres to the surface of the paper) and by direct thermal means (the print head heats up a special, heat-sensitive paper surface that changes colour);
  • maximum paper band width 108 mm;
  • minimum label height 12 mm;
  • maximum label roll diameter 127 mm;
  • print speed 50-100 mm/s;
  • wax based, wax/resin based, resin based ink ribbons;
  • maximum ribbon roll diameter 68 mm;
  • printer weight 3 kg;
  • dimensions (width, height, length): 226x171x285 mm;
  • operating temperature 5-45 ° C;
  • connection to a computer via LPT, USB and COM;


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