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This packaging equipment will help your business achieve better results and reduce time consumption. PakMarkas’ wide range includes film packaging equipment, desktop packaging machines, boxing equipment, batching and palletising equipment and more. The advantage of our high-quality packaging equipment is fast and smooth packaging of various food and non-food products. We assemble, install and combine different devices to make you significantly more agile and superior to competitors in your field.



We care about the quality of equipment and comfort of our customers, so we always have the most popular, most frequently used packaging equipment in stock. We can deliver them to you very quickly, in just 1 business day. We can offer a selection of products from reliable, world-renowned and recognised manufacturers, including automatic pallet wrapping machines, manual sealers, various packaging machines, desktop packaging machines, inkjet, laser and other printers, labelling machines and other devices. You do not have to wait for the device to be manufactured or be delivered from another country. Therefore, your products will reach customers even faster! We always offer our customers advice and assistance in choosing the best products for them.

Inkjet printer Markem Imaje 9330

Price: Speciali kaina iš sandėlio 4820 eur. (Standartinė -nuo 7645)
  • Manufacturer: Markem-Imaje
  • Modelis: 9330
  • Rašalai: greitai džiūstantys juodi, spalvoti, MEK free rašalai
  • Didž. spausdinimo greitis: iki 4,4 m/s
  • Konfigūracija: galvutės nupūtimo mazgas
  • Print: iki 4 eilučių

Desk film packaging device Alfa

Price: Speciali - 160 Eur (standartinė - 190 Eur)

    Thermal transfer printer Markem Imaje SmartDate X45

    Price: 6 840 eur. (Standartinė 7 565 eur.)
    • Manufacturer: Markem-Imaje
    • Modelis: SmartDate X45
    • Spausdinimo būdas: šiluminio pernešimo
    • Našumas: iki 220 pakuočių/min.
    • Konfigūracija: ženklinimas ant nejudančio arba judančio objekto
    • Spausdinimo plotis: ant nejudančio paviršiaus – 32/53 mm; ant judančio – 32/53/250 mm
    • Raiška: 300 dpi
    • Print: įvairių spalvų

    Replay 55 chamber packaging machine

    Price: Speciali - 2 160 Eur (standartinė - 2 700 Eur)


      We offer different equipment that optimises the production and packaging processes, making the process faster and smoother, and allowing to achieve higher results. We are ready to advise and help you choose the solutions that best suit your business needs. Among our bagging machines you will find high-quality open-mouth bagging machines, Big Bag filling machines and valved bag filling machines. We offer their assembly, installation service and connection to other operating devices.


      PakMarkas has been taking care of the efficient and productive work of customers in various industries throughout the country for many years. We have a lot of experience, so we can offer professional solutions that best meet the needs of each manufacturer. Our box packaging equipment operates efficiently and smoothly, so the packaging of products is much faster, giving businesses the opportunity to reduce time consumption and human resources. PakMarkas range includes box forming and box sealing equipment. We take care of equipment assembly, adjustment for operation with already integrated equipment and maintenance. We always advise and help customers choose the options that increase productivity the most.


      Over many years of work, we have accumulated extensive experience, which today allows us to offer flexible and efficient solutions to many Lithuanian companies, take care of their smooth operation and prompt production or packaging operations. PakMarkas film packaging equipment is a functional solution that can be widely used in many industries. These machines can pack vertically and horizontally and are designed for packing and weighing fruits and vegetables, performing packaging in a heat-shrinkable film and packing products under a modified atmosphere. Contact us and we will advise you which solution is optimal for you!


      We work with different industry representatives. We have accumulated a lot of experience during our years of work in this field, so we always find the optimal and professional solution. We offer our customers not only high-quality, well-coordinated equipment, but also specialist consultations, assistance in identifying the most accurate business needs and choosing the best solutions. Our pallet wrapping equipment includes: palletising equipment, depalletising equipment and pallet film wrapping solutions. We assemble, adjust and install the equipment according to the specifics and expectations of the customer’s business. Each machine and its components are designed in compliance with the highest quality standards and therefore operate reliably and safely.

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