Economical CAB printers

Printers manufactured by CAB accommodate large rolls of ribbon and label blanks.

These printers are used both in the office and in production premises. The service life is not less than 5 years.

MACH4 printer can work up to 8 hours with regular 10-15 min. breaks.

MACH4 printer specifications:

  • Cassette system. The roll of blanks is placed on a special holder – cassette. This allows you to prepare in advance for changing the roll and to perform the change itself very quickly. It also guarantees greater accuracy of presentation;
  • The printer has a large glow-in-the-dark operator display. You can choose the printer control language — Lithuanian, Russian, English, German, etc.;
  • 200 dpi head can be changed to 300 dpi and vice versa;
  • A 600 dpi version is available;
  • A very fast 32 Bit 266 MHz Coldfire processor and large 64 MB RAM;
  • It can be connected to a computer via USB, COM, network connection (10/100 Base T); USB to LPT adapter is available.


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