The colour label printers operate according to inkjet technology. The ink is sprayed with microscopic droplets through tiny nozzles. Available in 4 colour inks (CMYK). Mixing these four colours on a white, highly ink-absorbing surface produces a colour image. The ink is stored in the cartridges. The digital inkjet printers we supply are suitable for use for a long period of time without interruption (usually up to 8 hours). Colour label printers are suitable for producing labels on both adhesive and non-adhesive surfaces. Colour labels are printed by winding labels from one roll to another. The devices we offer ensure fast and smooth operation, allowing to produce high-quality, bright labels. The devices come with a multi-year warranty, while we are always ready to help and advise you on which device to choose from our list of colour label printers.

Four-colour printers

Four-colour printers


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