Ink ribbons for medium speed packaging printing

We can offer ink ribbons for medium speed packaging printing.

Specially produced wax resin and resin ink ribbons ensure a high-quality, reliable and efficient printing process. Different printers have specific requirements for the use of ink ribbons. Our specialists will help you choose the right type of ink ribbons and advise you on how to extend product life.

Types of ink ribbons

Kalkė+, MNF™, MK™

Ordering ink ribbons for packaging printing

We will help you choose the most suitable ink ribbons for your printers. Contact us by phone +370 5 205 2900 or e-mail

 WAX/RESIN ink ribbons

  • Colors: black and white.
  • Black intensity: medium and high color intensity – you can choose the optimal intensity for your specific printing needs.
  • Application: designed for angled heads.
  • Printing temperature: suitable for both low and medium temperatures.
  • Types:
    •  Kalkė+™: offers good blackness and durability.
    • MNF™ and MK™: suitable for angular heads and offer excellent printing results.

RESIN ink ribbons

  • Colors: black and white, ideal colors for high-quality label printing.
  • Black intensity: high blackness level for vivid and long-lasting printing.
  • Application: suitable for angled print heads, ensuring high print quality.
  • Printing temperature: works effectively at low to medium temperatures.
  • Types: Suitable types may be Kalkė+™, MNF™, MK™ depending on specific printing needs.


It is important to consider your printing requirements – printing environment, label material, and desired results – when choosing between these ink ribbons. Properly selected ink ribbons will ensure high-quality, long-lasting and reliable printing.

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