Pizzato limit switches

We always have a wide selection of Pizzato Elettrica limit switches in stock.

We are the official representatives of the world-famous Italian manufacturer Pizzato Elettrica. The products of this manufacturer, founded in 1984, bear the “100% Made in Italy” certification. One of the main segments of Pizzato Elettrica’s products is limit switches.

Pakmarkas offers an extremely wide range of Pizzato limit switches, the switches of which are modular. This is a great advantage for the user, as changing the parameters of the devices can turn or replace the switch actuator, contact blocks or even connections.

Options for the Pizzato Elettrica modular limit switch block:

The actuator (or head) is the part of the limit switch responsible for transmitting the mechanical motion (position) to the sensor. Pizzato offers various types of actuators for switches: pushbuttons (various heights, mounted next to ropes or wires, with balls, etc.), levers (various fixed lengths, adjustable lengths, double levers, with various wheels), rods, antennas (with fixed monitoring motion direction or actuated from movement in either direction), and ropes. All these types of actuators can be rotated on the switch housing if required. Pizzato also offers actuators with a mechanical reset function for use in devices that must be inspected by the operator before resetting.

Contact blocks are adapted to different contact groups: 1NO–1NC, 1NO + 1NC, 2NC, 2NO, 1NO + 2NC, 3NC, 2NO + 1NC. It is also possible to select the type of activation: slow action, snap action, overlapping, delayed activation, delayed and isolated activation between individual contact groups, with independent contact groups, with transistor contacts and with gold-plated silver contacts.

There are various types of switch connections: with holes for direct cable connection (M16, M20, PG11, PG13.5 or with double holes), with M12 connection (up to 12 locations), with PG seals (plastic or metal) or with cables for wider integration.

Depending on the size and type of housing, the Pizzato limit switches are divided into:

  • Heavy-duty series in which the switches are made of metal (FD, FL and FC) or technopolymers (FP).
    Protection class IP67, suitable for operation at temperatures from -25 to +80°C (from -40°C with option T6).
  • Standard type series in which the switches are made of technopolymers (FR, FX and FK) or metal (FM and FZ).
    Protection class IP67, suitable for operation at temperatures from -25 to +80°C (from -40°C with option T6).
  • The pre-wired compact “Pre-wired” series that has an extremely high protection class (IP69K). Installed in equipment that needs to be washed (even at high pressure). It is also important that the actuator levers in this series are metal. Housings are made of metal (NA and NB) or technopolymer (NF).
    Protection class IP67 and IP69K, suitable for operation at temperatures from -25 to +80°C (from -40°C with option T6).
  • The “Micro” series – small switches that can be grouped. Their housings are technopolymer.
    Protection class IP20 or IP40 (MS and MF), IP65 (MK). Suitable for operation at temperatures from -25 to +85°C (MS and MF) and from -40 to +85°C (MK).
  • Pizzato also offers versions of various series of switches adapted to explosive atmospheres (ATEX):
    In the Heavy-duty series – FD and FL,
    In the Standard series – FM,
    In the Pre-wired series – FA.
    Protection class IP67, except FL and FD (IP66).
    Operating temperature: FD, FL, FM and FA from -20 to +60°C (EX7) and from -20 to +70°C (EX4 / EX8) FD and FL.
  • Switches designed for high temperature operations:
    Heavy-duty series – FD, designed for operation up to +180°C (IP67).
    In the “Micro” series – MF, designed to work at +180°C (IP20) or MK, designed to work at +120°C (IP40).
  • Switches for special applications: signal with delayed contact (FR573-M2), with electrical reset for electrical cabinets, etc.


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