Ink ribbons for high speed packaging printing

We can offer black and white ribbons for medium to very high speed label printers.

Types of ink ribbons

  • Wax resin: M403L™,
    Resin: Black Dragon™, Fuji Dragon™

Ordering high-speed ink ribbons

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Ink ribbons are essential in industrial printing operations. WAX-RESIN and RESIN ink ribbons are suitable in fast printing environments. These ribbons are designed for angled heads and can operate at medium or higher print temperatures. Their color selection (black and white) is suitable for packaging printing, and their black levels (medium, high, extra high) cater for different printing needs.

WAX-RESIN ink ribbons


    • Colors: black and white.
    • Black intensity: offers medium to very high levels of blackness, allowing you to select the optimal option.
    • Application: suitable for angled heads.
    • Printing temperature: works effectively at medium or higher temperatures.
    • Print speed: suitable for high print speed.


RESIN ink ribbons

Black Dragon™ and Fuji Dragon™:

    • Colors: black and white.
    • Black intensity: high blackness level for vivid and long-lasting printing.
    • Application: suitable for angled print heads.
    • Printing temperature: works effectively at medium or higher temperatures.
    • Print speed: perfect for high-speed printing, especially needed in industrial applications.

General characteristics

  • Rub resistance: an important factor when printing on packaging, especially at high print speeds.
  • Durability: high-quality ink ribbons ensure long-lasting printing, resistant to environmental influences.

It is important to consider your printing requirements, including the printing environment, packaging material, and desired results when choosing between these ink ribbons. Properly selected ink ribbons will ensure high-quality, long-lasting and reliable printing, especially important in high-speed industrial printing processes.

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