Ink ribbons for paper labels

We can offer wax and wax-resin ink ribbons for printing on self-adhesive paper labels. These ink ribbons are suitable for printing smaller text. The printed image can remain for a long time if it is not affected by chemicals, oil and does not come into contact with water and moisture.

Types of ink ribbons

  • WAX: Standard™, Standard+™, Economy™, Colored Wax.
  • WAX-RESIN: Grafika™, Medium™, Colored W/R.
  • WAX RESIN FOR CORNER HEADS: Kalkė+™, Colored N.E.


Ordering ink ribbons for paper labels

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Wax ink ribbons

  • Types:
    • Standard™: general purpose wax ink ribbons suitable for most labels.
    • Standard+™: higher quality wax ink ribbons for better print and resistance.
    • Economy™: economy option suitable for less demanding applications.
    • Colored Wax: colored wax ink ribbons that offer different colors such as black, red, blue, and green.
  • Characteristics:
    • Adapted to a flat head.
    • Suitable for low or medium printing temperatures.
    • Average print speed.
    • Low abrasion resistance.

Wax-resin ink ribbons

  • Types:
    • Graphics™: high quality wax-resin ink ribbons designed for the highest image clarity.
    • Medium™: a mid-level wax-resin ink ribbons that offer a balanced quality and price.
    • Colored W/R: multi-colored ink ribbons – available in black, red, blue, and green.
    • Kalkė+™: specially designed for angular heads.
    • Colored N.E.: colored ink ribbons for angular heads.
  • Characteristics:
    • Fits both flat and angled heads (depending on type).
    • Can be used in medium printing temperature.
    • Suitable for medium and higher speed printing.
    • Medium abrasion resistance.

General characteristics

  • Choice of colors: both wax-resin and resin ink ribbons offer a variety of colors to tailor printing to specific needs.
  • Adaptation: different types of ink ribbons are adapted to different print heads – therefore, when choosing a ribbon, you should consider whether it will be suitable for your printer.
  • Printing features: different levels of erasure resistance and printing speed allow you to choose the most suitable option according to specific usage requirements.

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